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Newspaper Articles

The Globe and Mail – February 2015

                “Tips for making the switch to a plant-based diet”

The Globe and Mail – December 2014

                “Nine rules for eating healthy on the road”

The Globe and Mail – November 2014

                “How can I choose a healthy energy bar?”

Toronto Star- January 2014

                “A better snack, toward better food, and why cupcakes are good”

Sherbrooke Record - July 2013

                 "Richards celebrates 10 healthy years with Wellness Foods"

Vos iz Neias - New York - November 2012

                "New Product Winners Named For Kosherfest 2012"

Calgary Herald – March 2011

                “Much ado about food and wine”

The Toronto Star – December 2010

                “Simply Bars find recipe for success”

The Toronto Star – June 2010

                “Splurge: a good energy bar”


Magazine Articles

Canadian Grocer - January 2015

          "Think savoury, not sweet"

US Weekly - January 2014

          "Rating the Bars"

Chatelaine – August 2013

          “How Crohn’s disease inspired a great business idea”

Shape – November 2013

          “10 Portable High-Protein Snacks”

Men's Fitness - June 2013

          “The Best Fat-Burning And Muscle Building Snacks”

Healthy Living - June 2013

          "Simply Whey by Wellness Foods"

Kosher Today – September 2012

          “New Exhibitors at Kosherfest Represent Cross Section of Kosher Foods”

The Canadian Business Journal – April 2011

           “Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cathy Richards”

 Best Health - March 2011

          "Moca Loca!”

Beauty Connexion - March 2011

          "Ricki Heller"s Spring Cleaning Pantry Shopping List: The Simply Bar"

Chatelaine- December 2010

          “Six tricks to counteract your high carb habits”

Beauty Connexion - Nov 30th 2010

          "Seven Survival Tips for the Holiday Season"

Canadian Living - June 2009

          "Nutrition News: If you’re looking for a snack that’s portable, filling and nourishing, try a low GI Simply Bar from Canadian company Wellness Foods."

Chatelaine - May 2009

          "We Love It: The Simply Bar"

Women's Post - Feb 15th 2009

          "Woman of the Week: Cathy Richards"

Dietetic Practice & Research - Winter 2008

          "The Simply Bar”

Chatelaine - August 2006

          "Inspiration: Cathy Richards, 33, Company President in Toronto."


The Hormone Diet- By Dr. Natasha Turner

          The Hormone Diet


Television Clips

Steven And Chris - February 2013
            "Episode 70"

CityLine (Dr. Joey Shulman) - January 2013
           "The Best Snacks For Weight Loss"

CityLine- January 2011

            "Tracy & the SimplyBar"

 Fox TV - October  2010
          "Young Guns: The Simply Bar in NYC"


Proud FM Toronto - February 22, 2013

         Mike Chalut Show- Wellness Foods


Blogs and Websites

Go Dairy Free – May 18, 2015

                “SimplyProtein Kids Bars”

Go Dairy Free-  April 7, 2015

                “SimplyVeggie Savoury Bars”

Healthy Eating and Living – January 2014

                “Healthy Snack Idea + A Giveaway”

Go Dairy Free – June 2013

                “10 Dairy-Free Low Sugar Snacks”

CityLine with Dr. Joey Shulman – January - February 22, 2013

                "Halfway there! Let’s keep losing!"

                "Dr. Joey's 7-Day Meal Plan, No. 2"

                "Your Weight Loss Questions Answered, part 3"

Go Dairy Free – October 1, 2012

                “Vegan Protein Snacks for Weight Loss and Low Sugar Diets”

One Green Planet – July 16, 2012

                “The Simply Bar Launches New Vegan Protein Chips”

One Green Planet - April 23, 2012

                "Product Review: The Simply Bar"

Busy in Brooklyn - November 10, 2011

               "Kosherfest 2011 Top Ten"

Healthful Pursuit – November 2011

                “SimplyBars: Giveaway”

Cara's Cravings - October 7, 2011

                “Simply Bars Review”

Rebecca Bitzer MS, RD and Associates- August 2011

                “Simply Bar: The Name Says it All”

mindbodyfree – April 2011

                “Vegan Protein Bar Breakdown”

Teresa Nelson - February 7, 2011

               "The Simply Bar: Not just another bar, A bar I could eat!"

 Charisa Wernick - Jan 21st 2011

                "Healthy Snack"

One Vegan and One Flirt - April 23, 2010

               "The Simply Bar"

Ricki Heller – December 2010

                “Festive Freebie V: The Simply Bar Giveaway”

 Green Living – December 11, 2008

                "The Simply Bar"

Celiac Chicks – October 2008

                “Gluten-Free Giveaway: The Simply Bar”


Press Releases
CNW - January 6, 2011