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Renew your energy through wellness and balance with low fat snacks.

Low Fat Snacks

Discover delicious low fat snacks

Fill up on protein and fiber - not fat and calories

SimplyProtein snacks are high in protein and fiber, not fat and calories. All of our snacks have less than 4g of fat, are trans-fat free, and have only 1-4 grams of sugar. Great for healthy snacking, weight loss, and various diets, SimplyProtein snacks are a delicious addition to every lifestyle!

Low fat SimplyProtein snacks won't weigh you down 

SimplyProtein low fat snacks are an excellent healthy snack option, especially when used as a pre-workout snack that won’t weigh you down. Our light and crunchy snacks have 4g of fat or less and contain no artificial sweeteners!

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SimplyProtein and the low fat diet


Our lowest fat snacks include: