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Low carb protein snacks.

Low Carb Protein Snacks

Healthy low carb options

Discover great and nutritious snacks

Fiber filled healthy treats

All SimplyProtein snacks are designed to prevent blood sugar and insulin spikes. Low carb SimplyProtein snacks are formulated to be under 10 net carbs per snack. SimplyProtein Bars and SimplyProtein Whey Bars are guaranteed to keep you full up to three hours.

Wholesome, Simple Ingredients

While other brands use artificial sugar alcohols, SimplyProtein snacks have only 1g to 4g of sugar. Sugar alcohols make digestion more difficult as they are only partially absorbed by the body. SimplyProtein strives to make simple and nutritious products, with no irritating additives.

For low carb recipes and ideas, please visit our blog.

SimplyProtein and the low carb diet

Benefits of low carb diets:

  • Low carb diets decrease appetite, lower calorie intake and quicken satiation
  • Are associated with rapid weight loss results, especially during the first few weeks of the diet
  • Have been proven to be more effective at targeting abdominal fat which is correlated with heart disease
  • Can convert bad cholesterol (LDL) to good cholesterol (HDL), lowering risk of heart disease
  • They are high in fibrous and vitamin rich leafy green vegetables
  • Have higher success due to their lower hunger rates

Our lowest carb snacks include: