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Healthy low calorie snacks

Low Calorie Snacks

Made with wholesome, simple ingredients

Fill up on protein - not fat and empty calories

If you are looking for a low calorie protein bar or snack, you have found it! Most protein bars and snacks are filled with sugar, fat, preservatives, and other ingredients you can’t even pronounce. SimplyProtein is committed to producing healthy low calorie, full energy snacks that you can eat guilt free.

Low calorie SimplyProtein snacks are perfect for:

SimplyProtein snacks allow you to enjoy healthy, low calorie snacking throughout the day. Our snacks give you greater control over the foods you eat. High in protein, our snacks help maintain lean muscle mass to boost your metabolism and can successfully keep you going without the urge to go searching for more calorie-filled snacks. Our snacks are also low in sugar and can help fight cravings. SimplyProtein snacks are perfect for a quick and healthy breakfast, as a convenient travel companion, and for maintaining and reaching a healthy weight.

For low carb recipes and ideas, please visit our blog.

SimplyProtein and the low calorie diet

What’s in (and NOT in) our snacks:

  • SimplyProtein snacks are all low in calories
  • Each SimplyProtein Bar contains 16g of protein, 150 calories or less, and is a great source of iron as well as all eight essential amino acids
  • Every SimplyProtein Whey bar has 15g of pure whey protein, only 150 calories, and is high in calcium
  • Our Simply Protein Chips are high in iron and have 15g of protein with only 140 calories per bag
  • Unlike many low calorie nutrition bars on store shelves, SimplyProtein does not contain any sweeteners, fructose or sugar alcohols

Our lowest calorie snacks include: