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South Beach Snacks

south beach snacksSimilar to Atkins, the South Beach diet is a low carb approach to health and weight loss. South Beach, like Atkins, shares a variety of phases including a restrictive inductive phase that lasts two weeks, a progressive weight loss phase, and a continuing maintenance phase.

The two diets, while similar, share a number of key differences. South Beach, unlike Atkins, advises limiting the consumption of saturated fats. South Beach emphasizes monosaturated fats like olive and canola oils, and shuns the fats in butter and dark poultry meat. In contrast, Atkins largely embraces all fats, but both diets shun trans fats.

South Beach, unlike Atkins, is less strict regarding non-starchy vegetables in terms of allowed carbs. Atkins counts the net carbs of all plant matter, regardless of source.

As for nearly all low carb diet plans, SimplyProtein provides a healthy and low carb snack. The following SimplyProtein lines are under 10g net carbs and easily adaptable to South Beach plans:

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