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Low Fat and SimplyProtein

low fat snacksAlthough less popular than they once were, low fat diets are still an effective manner of weight loss for a number of individuals. Diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, have been linked with lower rates of heart disease and obesity, and they may be considered low fat due to their focus on fruits, vegetables and grains. True low fat diets may propose eating under a certain amount of fat per meal.

Low fat diets are mainly successful due to their large consumption of filling and healthy food. Eating large bowls of vegetables is nutritious way to feel full – leafy greens for example have been linked with cancer prevention, heart disease avoidance and overall health. Low fat diets may fail in the application of sugary goods – pure sugar, for example, is very low fat, but that doesn’t mean it will keep you healthy or help you burn fat.

Regardless of your low fat approach, be sure to avoid added sugars, and try to keep your foods as whole as possible. The low fat diet may be most helpful for those who would benefit from a carb induced burst like runners, bikers, and high intensity athletes.

The following SimplyProtein product lines clock in at 4g of fat or less per serving: