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Atkins Snacks

SimplyProtein snacks can work with later phases of Atkins®, including Atkins 40, which allows for 40 grams of Net Carbs a day. SimplyProtein snacks are a great option for the Atkins follower as they contains optimal protein, only 1-4 grams of sugar and are high in fiber. Whether you are follwing the Atkins diet or just want to live a healthier lifestyle by reducing carbs and sugar, SimplyProtein snacks are a great option.


How does Atkins work?

Atkins limits carbohydrates, with the goal of achieving steady blood sugar levels and increasing the amount of fat that the body burns for fuel. This approach can help maintain consant energy levels all day long, and reduce hunger and cravings. Weight loss may be achieved without feeling hungry.  The science behind the Atkins principles has been supported by more than 80 clinical studies. For more information visit:


atkins snacks



The following SimplyProtein lines are under 10 net carbs and easily adaptable to Atkins 40: