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Dr. Natasha Turner and the Simply Bar

Dr. Natasha Turner is a bestselling author and leading naturopathic doctor. She is also the founder of Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique in Toronto, Ontario. She has been featured in many publications and even on screen with Dr. Oz.

Dr. Turner's bestselling book, The Hormone Diet, shows how hormone imbalances affect aging, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and weight. The Hormone Diet's three step plan is designed to improve strength, weight loss, and help you feel younger longer. Recently released, The Carb Sensitivity Program, provides insight on how to curb your hunger and which carbs keep you full.

Dr. Turner is not only a diet and weight loss expert, but a trusted source for nutrition and overall wellness.

SimplyProtein and The Hormone Diet

SimplyProtein is a recommended snack by Dr. Turner. The Hormone Diet focuses on foods that are clean, all natural, and free of preservatives. The Simply Bar is gluten-free, dairy-free, low in fat and sugar. It specifically calls for high protein and low glycemic index (GI) foods. Low GI foods do not spike insulin, a key hormone, which can cause imbalances.

SimplyProtein is all natural and uses brown rice syrup, which has a low GI of 20 to 25. Foods with a low Gi are rated under 55.

Does SimplyProtein Bar fit the Hormone Diet?
Yes, SimplyProtein is a great high protein snack for those on The Hormone Diet or anybody watching their sugar levels or looking for a clean snack.