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Canadians Want Low Sugar Not Low Fat

Change In Canadian Dietary Concerns

Marked change in last ten years.

A recent survey of Canadians found that showed they are becoming less afraid of fat and more afraid of sugar in their diets. There has been a massive change of attitudes in the last ten years.

Wellness Foods, a Canadian company, undertook the research after seeing a marked shift in consumer views in the last few years. “Customers used to be concerned about low fat, low fat, low fat” says founder Cathy Richards. “Now it is low sugar that is the main concern. We wanted to see if this change in attitudes was widespread. We learnt that it is."

Attached is the key summary of the research findings.

Wellness Foods Inc: At Wellness Foods, we've heard our customers’ growing concerns about sugar and other sweeteners. As a result we commissioned research into consumer attitudes, and we found a surprising and marked change in attitudes about sugar. The growing research in this area echoes these customer concerns. As a result, over the last year we made it our mission to reduce all sugar and specifically eliminate agave nectar in our flagship product, The Simply Bar. After careful testing and nutritional analysis, we've reduced sugar to 3 grams per bar and selected organic brown rice syrup as our sweetener of choice. To find out more, go to