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SimplyProtein's #SimplyCanadian Contest Entries

High protein SimplyProtein bar in Jasper CanadaThank you to everyone who entered the #SimplyCanadian contest.  We had so much fun reading through all the reasons the SimplyProtein community loves Canada! We compiled all the fantastic responses we received below. We sure have a lot to be thankful for!

Our lucky winners have been contacted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram message. Our grand prize winner won one box of Maple Pecan bars and two additional boxes of SimplyProtein bars in the flavour(s) of their choice. Our nine  runner ups  each won one one box of SimplyProtein Maple Pecan bars. That's 150 Maple Pecan bars in total to celebrate Canada 150.

55 Reasons the SimplyProtein Community Loves Canada

  1. What is not to love?!? ❤️ but the PEOPLE, the waterfalls, the lakes & cottages, the sky line, the fact that you can head north and see the Northern Lights!! The variety of landscapes available between provinces!! 😍 Poutine, Maple syrup and Canadian bacon! By: relaxedto
  2. The beautiful nature and of course, poutine 😂 By: xenavitality
  3. They're hosting Wanderlust in Whistler this August!!! ...and Canada turns 150 this year ❤️ By: maestralindsey
  4. I love all Canada’s natural and wild beauty! There is so much to see and explore in the amazing country of ours! By:
  5. Nature!!! By: kale_coconuts
  6. Multiculturalism and Universal Health Care!! :) ❤ By: cwilson2014
  7. I loveee Canada's acceptance of all people, it's beauty and peace, and the judgment free society It has ❤️❤️❤️ By: burpeesandblueberries_
  8. I love Canada because anyone can feel at home here 🇨❤🇨 By: tuckyduck4
  9. I love Canada because it's peaceful, you can make a life here if you apply yourself, and it's known for nice people. By: _knives_out_
  10. HOCKEYYYYY By: muscle2mask
  11. The right to speak freely for everyone no matter the colour of your skin, gender, sexual orientation, age, income!! Proud to be a Canadian!!!🍁🍁🍁🇨🇨 By: fimi1126
  12. Canadian forces who fought for our country and died defended it 🇨🇨🇨 eh By: gamerjenna26
  13. Poutine and beavertails!! By: feeleefalook
  14. I love Canada for it's multiculturalism and the four seasons we get to enjoy :) By: jenna_rose_fitness
  15. The beautiful closeness to nature ♥ Also maple syrup By: bismuthbehemoth
  16. Loving Canada for so many reasons- timmies, crisp fall air, diversity, all things maple, hockey, supporting local! #simplycanadian By: weight_wise_with_ww
  17. I love how friendly and helpful Canadians are! By:
  18. I love Canada because of the diversity in our communities and the ability to love who you want! 🇨‍🌈 By: therealpdurling
  19. Love Canada for the cold winters, stunning nature, and friendly people! By: speltemma
  20. I love Canada! The air is fresh, the people are kind and the we are surrounded by beauty! By: christinamartyk
  21. The beautiful Rockies and peaceful prairies. Never dull 💕 By: femb0t
  22. BOSTON PIZZA-- #doughcano and #piescraper By: mikethebike42
  23. I love Canada because the changing seasons make me appreciate summer all that much more 😃❤🌻 By: anastasiaknancy
  24. Justin Trudeau By: Jennifer Kellogg
  25. So many reasons why I love Canada. 1) we have freedom. 2) we have such amazing national natural beauty 3) opportunity. I could go on for a while... By: Meredith Mednick
  26. The scenery By: Lisa Baird Souch
  27. Love the bars, but never crossed the border yet...hoping to in july! By: Kim Webber
  28. The diversity in what makes our country amazing!! Diversity in culture, in landscape, in beliefs, in orientation...... diversity is what makes us stronger. By: Heather Pfohl Sutcliffe
  29. It's my home and native land! The beauty from coast to coast is why I love Canada! By: Rhonda Vance
  30. I love Canada  for the vast beautiful natural spaces, mountains and lakes, the diversity of the people, and Tim Hortons coffees (paired with a #simplyprotein maple pecan bar of course!) #happybirthdaycanada #canada150 🍁🍁🍁🍁 By: heart_of_the_pit
  31. So many beautiful places to experience nature. By: Elena Stocco
  32. The people! Canadian values are ever evolving, but I'd have to state that they have been evolving predominately for the betterment of our society. By: Mel Bo
  33. The one time I visited, in Halifax, it was hands down the most beautiful city I've ever been to! Great weather, great food, and friendly people! By: Heather Romine
  34. Canada is great because of our ongoing advancements in health research! By: Taylor Jewell
  35. I love Canada because of the beauty. Also it is where we took our daughter when she was 9 months for her first family vacation. Who knew there were some many vineyards between the USA border (NY) to Toronto??? By: Shahin Sarkarati Smith
  36. I love Canada because it's a free country where everyone is accepted! By: Trevor Kouritzin
  37. I love Canada for the beautiful bounty our country produces! By: Taylor Jewell
  38. I love Canada because when I say I "Live in Paradise" I know I'm not being biased. By: Heather Dawn
  39. I love our seasons. By: Cathy Brown
  40. I love Canada because of the beautiful country and the beautiful people and our freedom! By: Denise Glazier
  41. I love the multiculturalism and the four seasons we get to enjoy :) By: Jenna McKenzie
  42. I love Canada because we have diversity and Canada splendor! Thank you :) By: Carole Dube
  43. I love Canada because we have a wonderfully diverse and friendly population. #simplycanadian By: Brenda Penton
  44. LOVE Canada for both those reasons - fantastic skiing, stunning lakes for cottaging, canoeing and camping! By: Emma Spelt
  45. I love Canada for all the amazing provincial and national parks to go camping in and to enjoy nature! #SimplyCanadian #Canada150 By: Nicole Jubleew
  46. You've got it SimplyProtein! Whistler is the best of both worlds! Ski the glacier then hit rainbow beach...Win win! By: Taylor Jewell
  47. ...oops...I better add "the versatility of our outdoor environment, that's why I love Canada!" By: Taylor Jewell
  48. A beautiful flag that flies freely <3 By: keishablack1
  49. Our national parks and wildlife.
  50. Canadian musicians like Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Leonard Cohen, and Tragically Hip. By: mallyblack
  51. I love Canada because we are a friendly and compassionate group! By: Trevor Kouritzin
  52. All dressed and ketchup chips can only be found in Canada!
  53. We are so blessed to live in a free country! By: Trevor Kouritzin
  54. Timmy's and roll up the rim to win!! By: Ingrid Chen
  55. Multiculturalism, diversity and good social programs. Not to mention, many awesome companies are Canadian (like SimplyProtein). By: Theresa WLeung
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