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Meditation for Reluctant Beginners

Meditation is not, by any means, a new concept. While it is Meditationcommonly associated with Eastern spiritual practices, the overall concept of stilling, calming or training the mind is a commonly used tactic. A common myth with meditation is that it’s exclusive – belonging to health conscious young single people, or those devoting their life to spiritual observance. Truthfully, meditation is an effective tool that may be employed by anyone that has just 5 minutes of free time.

Should you meditate? While many people acknowledge that they lead a stressful life, meditation is an effective tool to ease and correct a variety of day-to-day issues such as:

• Anxiety (Either occasional or chronic)
• Depression and Negative Thoughts
• High Blood Pressure
• Lack of Focus
• Restlessness
• Daily or Unexpected Stresses

Furthermore, meditation can be used as an effective tool to lessen or prevent the above issues and lead an overall happier lifestyle. It is ironic that those often most in need of meditation (such as moms), are often those proclaiming to lack the time or resources to do it. For this reason, we have created our guide!

How to Meditate
1) Give up the idea that you need XYZ to start meditating.
In our world today, we often think we need some form of swag or gear to begin any transformative life venture. While many positive life changes involve some form of preliminary purchase like running shoes or weights, meditation is likely the cheapest hobby or skill you can practice. You can meditate in work clothes, sweats, or your wedding dress. You can meditate in the bathroom, bedroom, or behind the couch, hiding from your toddlers. Contrary to popular beliefs, a hand woven rug, inspiring wall decal, and flowy linen clothes will not make you at a meditation practice. Be comfortable and do it everywhere, not just your designated nook.

2) Give up the idea that you need a large chunks of time to meditate.
While many of the world’s best meditators (such as Buddhist monks) can sit for hours at a time, someone starting meditation can enjoy its benefits with only a 5 minute time commitment. If you’re busy but have occasional quiet breaks, you may enjoy meditating in shorter spans, multiple times a day. You may not have 30 minutes each day to go for a run, but it is far more accessible to find a regular, 5 minute window to improve your day and overall well-being.

3) Give up the idea that you don’t know how to meditate.
Many attempting meditation for the first time may believe that they are too hyper or stressed to focus their mind on a single thought or their breath. They may find their mind racing even after a few seconds of sitting. Those starting meditation should always remember that meditation is something that you have to practice – not something you’re inherently gifted at. If you find your mind wandering, take a moment to reign in the stray thought and get back to your primary one.

4) Don’t be afraid to try out new techniques.
The best method to meditate is the method that works for you. Many love practicing mindfulness, with its focus being the present moment, such as one’s breath. Others love mantras, either using ancient standbys (“Om”) or more modern variations. Don’t be afraid to employ the use of a white noise machine, or hit up your music streaming service for some helpful nature sounds or meditation music.

So, how about it? There’s no excuse, busy moms – if you can spare the time to read a meditation guide, you can spare the time to meditate.

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