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5 Tips to Put a Little More “Spring” Into Your Step

Now that the winter hibernation is over, it's time to get moving and back into a healthier routine. Enlist your friends and family and pledge to start healthier habits. With their support, you'll be more accountable and you'll have a lot more fun! Here are some of our tips to start Spring off right:

1. Healthy Snacking

With spring in full bloom, this means the return of Farmer’s Markets and local produce. As a family, plan and shop for your weekly meals and snacks. Plan meals and snacks that use fresh produce rather than pre-made meals. Need an easy snack on the go? Make sure to look for snacks that aren't packed with sugar. Our Kids and SimplyProtein Bars are great for wherever your adventures take you... and they only have 1-3g of sugar!

2. Get Outside!

Spring weather is something everyone can get excited over! Reduce your family’s screen time and plan weekly outings to local parks, backyard sport “tournaments” and family dog walks. By putting your weekly activities on the family calendar, everyone can have something to look forward to and it won’t get forgotten when life gets busy. Another way to promote physical activity is to create a “walk-only” zone. As a family, decide on an area around your home that everyone must walk, skip, bike, or hop to, rather than drive.

3. Declutter

Take some time and to do some spring cleaning. Rather than take on the whole house, start with one room. Having one room cleaned can provide the satisfaction needed to tackle another. Have some items that you no longer need, but they can still be loved by someone else? Give them to a friend or donate them to a local thrift store.

4. Try Something New!

Sign up for that salsa or pottery class you always wanted to try. You may find a new favorite pass time and make new friends!

5. Pay it Forward!

Talk to a local charity and see how you can help. From garbage clean ups to handing out meals at the local soup kitchen... there are a lot of ways you can get involved in your community. Giving up a few hours of your time not only helps someone in need, but it also feels great!

What are some other ways you plan to put a little more “spring” into your step this Spring?

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