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Newspaper Articles
    1. The Toronto Star – December 17th 2010
      "The Simply Bar Finds Recipe for Success"





Magazines Articles
    1. Best Health - March 2011
      "Moca Loca!"












  • Tonic Magazine - Nov. 2012
    "Snack Attack: Organic Snacks On The Go"



  • Tonic Magazine -June 2013
    "Energy On The Go"





    1. The Hormone Diet – By Dr. Natasha Turner
      "The Hormone Diet"


Television Clips
    1. CityLine - January 20th 2011
      "Tracy & the Simply Bar"








Online Magazine Articles
    1. Proud FM - Toronto Feb. 22, 2013
      Mike Chalut Show Wellness Foods


Blogs and Websites
    1. Lovely Healthy - Feb 20th 2011
      "Product Reviews: The Simply Bar"

















Simply Bar Giveaways
    1. Eat Spin Run Repeat - Feb 1st 2011
      "Simply Switches Give Away"












The Simply Bar
    1. GreenLiving
      We are in the midst of holiday party season and if you are like most people, the tendency to over-indulge on those, seemingly light and healthy, but often actually highly caloric canapes and hors d'oeuvres, is difficult to resist.
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  • Healthful Pursuit
    I"m always on the lookout for gluten-free, vegan protein bars. While I definitely don"t rely on them on a daily basis, I like to have a backup of protein with me when I"m on the go, just in case.
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  • Woman"s Post
    "I had three businesses in high school," says Cathy Richards of her entrepreneurial streak. "I think I just needed a big push out of the corporate world." Getting really sick was the big push.
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  • The Canadian Business Journal
    It"s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. Cathy Richards could not find a protein bar that suited her lifestyle, or tastebuds.
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  • The Star
    Long-time Crohn"s disease sufferer Cathy Richards, irked by the lack of decent-tasting foods for people with her condition, decided to create them herself.
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  • Rebecca Bitzer MS, RD and Associates
    The name says it all. A short list of simple ingredients that, not only can I pronounce, but actually know what they are.
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Dieting / Weight Loss
    1. I Ate A Pie
      On my quest to go milk- and gluten-free this past week, I've found that my snack and nutrition bar options are quite limited.
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Vegan / Vegetarian
    1. The Great Balancing Act
      To start, my fellow Torontonian and New Brunswickan - Angela. I"m determined to use up what"s in my cupboard for vegan eats this week and not spend any more money than usual.
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  • Mind Body Green Certain situations in one's life require protein bars. If one is a vegan, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to find a protein/energy/meal/nutrition bar with... protein.
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    1. Inside Fitness
      All natural and Canadian made, the simply bar boasts more protein and less fat, calories, carbs and sugar than your favourite natural snack bar- and it doesn"t taste like a protein bar
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  • IntoFit
    It"s very hard to find healthy energy/protein bars. Most of them are filled with chemicals, fake food and tons of sugar.
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    1. Celiac Celiac Chicks
      Looking for a snack bar that packs a little more of a protein punch without a lot of Frankenfood ingredients? You might want to try The Simply Bar.
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  • Diet, Dessert, and Dogs
    I"ve been a fan of The Simply Bar for some time. For many of us with dietary restrictions-and especially those who must stay away from refined sugars-The Simply Bar is a perfect snack.
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    1. Busy In Brooklyn
      Kosherfest 2011 Top ten. Kosherfest is the largest kosher-certified food trade event in the world and is a must for anyone in the food industry.
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