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Renew your energy through wellness and balance with low fat snacks.

Low Fat Snacks

Discover delicious low fat snacks

Fill up on protein and fiber - not fat and calories

SimplyProtein snacks are high in protein and fiber, not fat and sugar, keeping you full without extra calories. SimplyProtein offers some of the best low fat snacks available at grocery stores because all of our snacks have under 4g of fat and are trans-fat free. Great for healthy snacking, weight loss, and various diets, SimplyProtein snacks are a delicious addition to every lifestyle!

Low fat SimplyProtein snacks are ideal

Use the SimplyProtein line of low fat snacks to pursue healthier snacking, especially when using them as a pre-workout treat that won’t weigh you down. Our snacks have two to three times less fat than the leading competitors!

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SimplyProtein and the low fat diet

Benefits of low fat snacks:

  • SimplyProtein Bars contain 15-16g of quality protein per snack, which keeps your hunger at bay preventing you from splurging on other high fat and high calorie snacks
  • We keep the fat content (trans and saturated) in our products at a minimum (≤4g) which contributes to many health benefits
  • Many weight loss diets require reducing fat intake, such as the Mediterranean Diet. SimplyProtein is a delicious treat that makes this transition easier.

Our lowest fat snacks include: