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Renew your energy by worry and gluen free.

Gluten Free Snacks

Created with the highest standards

Nutritious gluten free snacks

Gluten Free snacking is both delicious and nutritious with SimplyProtein! All SimplyProtein snacks are certified gluten free and are available in a variety of types and flavours, including our most popular gluten-free peanut butter chocolate SimplyProtein Bar!

Rigorous Gluten Testing

We follow strict manufacturing guidelines and screen all of our products using R5-ELISA testing by Bia Diagnostics. We ensure that all SimplyProtein snacks are gluten-free under 20ppm (legal standards), and to our best ability under 5ppm whenever possible.

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SimplyProtein and the gluten free diet

Snacks for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity:

  • Unlike many gluten-free foods that are packed with sugar and refined carbohydrates and devoid of fiber, vitamins and minerals, SimplyProtein snacks are filled with only all-natural, nutritious ingredients
  • All SimplyProtein snacks contain 4-16g protein, 1-4g sugar, up to 9g fiber, and are under 160 calories 
  • Iron deficiency is common among people with celiac disease. SimplyProtein Bar and SimplyProtein Chips are a good source of iron
  • If you are one of 50% of individuals with celiac disease who are intolerant to milk, try our SimplyProtein Bar or SimplyProtein Chips, which are dairy-free

What’s in our snacks:

  • No gluten
  • Low Sugar: 1-4g per snack
  • High Fibre: 4-9g per snack
  • High Protein: 4-16g per snack
  • High Iron: SimplyProtein Bar and SimplyProtein Chips have 20-30% of the recommended daily value