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SimplyProtein is committed to creating high protein snack foods that offer clean eating, optimal ingredients and innovative nutrition. We are constantly trying to improve and evolve to offer the healthiest and most suitable choices to our valued customers. We offer a wide variety of flavors and textures for specific diets and personal tastes. The ingredients are clean, nourishing and delicious, eliminating the need for unwanted additives and preservatives.

It is important to us to support healthy lifestyles with nutritious and convenient high protein snacks. SimplyProtein is dedicated to creating positive effects and improving your healthy living habits. We share our passion for health and wellness through continuous product development and education.

Explore our Resource section to discover simple and healthy tips. We are always interested in helping people live their best lives.


Are All Proteins Created Equal?

Why is protein important? Protein contains essential amino acids; a nutrient our body cannot produce on its own. Amino acids get broken down by the body and get remade into proteins the body can use. These proteins are the foundations in cells, arteries, organs, muscle and tissue repair, healing and any other protein related processes necessary for health and survival. A lack of amino acids can cause several malnutrition related issues including sleep disturbances, mood disorders, hair loss, weight problems and issues like diabetes. A diet that meets a person’s daily protein requirements has been linked with lower overall weight and better weight maintenance. While whole foods are essential to a healthy body, busier individuals may prefer the reassurance of designated protein foods in meeting their daily requirements.



The Importance of Healthy Lunches for Kids

Balanced nutrition is especially important for growing children as early food experiences will help shape their eating patterns, taste and habits into adulthood. All children need healthy food and hydration in order to grow, learn, play and develop into healthy adults. Children learn about healthy eating at home and in the classroom so it is necessary to make an impact on their food choices early on.



Protein Chips Versus Sugar

Simply Protein Chips are the new snack in town. Like most other Simply Protein power snacks, these chips are high in protein and fiber, gluten free, vegan and have only 2 grams of sugar. They are not sweet, but satisfy by being salty, spicy and aromatic. These crispy snacks are perfect for when you need a boost of energy and are searching for a savory snack.



Protein: The Essential Nutrient In Your Diet

Protein is a critical component of any diet.  The body requires protein for proper everyday functioning and basic maintenance.  Due to its role in muscle development, it is also associated with athletes and bodybuilders. However, even if you’re not training for a triathalon or looking to build up your biceps, a diet higher in protein can have significant benefits.



Choosing The Perfect Protein Bar

Protein bars in general, can be a healthful and handy snack or light meal. “They’re a convenient alternative for someone who would otherwise be reaching for a doughnut at the office” says Liz Applegate, PhD and nutrition lecturer at University of California.



Guide to Losing Weight

The health industry is filled with myths. Anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows how much conflicting information is out there. Someone has to be mistaken, right? Well...believe it or not, the US government is responsible for encouraging one of the most devastating myths in the history of our nation’s health. Yep - the government.