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Cinnamon Pecan – 15 Bar Box

A flavor combination we borrowed from Charleston – taste the South with SimplyProtein’s Cinnamon Pecan protein bar. Though our cinnamon is famously sweet, we boast only 1 gram of sugar in each Cinnamon Pecan bar, and promise 7 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein. 

Classic Certifications

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Ingredients: Soy Protein Isolate, Chicory Root Fiber, Pecans, Cashew Butter (Dry-roasted Cashews, Sunflower Oil), Vegetable Glycerin, Tapioca Starch, Cinnamon, Salt. Contains Soybeans and Tree Nuts. May Contain Milk and Peanuts.

Cinnamon Nutritionals✔ Vegan

✔ Low Carb

✔ Gluten-Free

✔ Non-GMO

✔ Low-Glycemic



Nutrition and Ingredient facts on wrapper and website may differ.  Information on wrapper reflects actual contents.

Customer Reviews (4)

They've helped me get through a lot of long days without losing steam!Review by jdenni (Amazon)
It's hard to eat well on the road, but I know I'm getting a good dose of protein without any filler in a very tasty snack with any of the Simply Bars. The Cinnamon ones are my favourite because they aren't too sweet, and I find them filling. They've helped me get through a lot of long days without losing steam! (Posted on 3/20/2013)
I love these bars ...Review by Donna cho kiever (Amazon)
They are delish and healthy. I love the flavor and texture of the bar..Yummy thanks for a great product!
So if you are looking for a gluten free //high protien bar these yummy bars are for you !!! Hope you enjoy them!! (Posted on 9/5/2012)
Perfect!Review by Karen Jolley (Amazon)
I love these because with all my sensitivities they are the perfect snack for me. I'm also on Weight Watcher and the points are low but with the protein they are very filling. Perfect to grab on the way out the door for a quick breakfast or as an afternoon snack to tie me over until dinner! (Posted on 9/5/2012)
Tastes great and with an apple its healthy apple pieReview by MotherLodeBeth (Amazon)
Finally a grown up energy bar that isn't like over sweet kid stuff. Cinnamon Pecan became a favorite because we have a child with type 1 (Juvenile Diabetes since birth) and the cinnamon is great for his blood sugars, yet is a nice treat when others are having cookies, cake. And when I ate the Cinnamon Pecan bar with an apple I felt like I was eating apple pie sans the calories!

Also love that the wrapper is clean and crisp in design and notes Protein,calories,sugar,fiber as well as natural, vegan,etc. Easy as I dislike having to search a wrapper for the basic information I am looking for. Have evolved into a veganish lifestyle and need and want foods that are healthy. As a rule I don't buy pre made foods, but The Simply Bar is an item that I am going to allow for weekly treats. (Posted on 9/5/2012)

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